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Decentralized transactions allow buyers and sellers to set their own terms for digital asset transactions. The main advantages and disadvantages of peer-to-peer services

Peer-to-peer (P2P) trading is the direct trading of users with each other without the exchange as an intermediary. When working on a traditional crypto exchange, the platform arranges the transaction on behalf of the client, and the market price determines the final value of the asset at the time of the transaction. P2P trading involves a transaction directly between users on terms they choose


P2P deal

A P2P platform is a "meeting place" for a seller and a buyer, allowing them to make a deal on favorable terms for both parties. A user posts an ad on the platform, specifying specific terms for buying or selling cryptocurrency, such as price, payment methods, and limits.

The other party browses the ads and, after selecting the appropriate terms, places an order to conduct a transaction with a specific seller. Platforms offer a variety of filters for searching: you can select counterparties by their location, payment methods, rating, and even view only those who are fully verified. Most platforms offer information about specific merchants: the number of orders they executed, customer reviews, and trade volumes.

Where to Buy and Sell

You can choose any trading floor. At ZeusExchange, use promo code Y20A-POT7-3UWQ to get a +5% exchange rate.

*Without a promo code, you will trade on regular terms

The minimum amount to exchange is $50 in any token, but consider the commission of the token network you will be sending to exchange to make money and not go negative. 

It can also become a completely passive income for you if you put together a team of people who will trade for you. In the future, I will add to the list of sites for trading, so you can always find a profitable course for yourself. Good luck trading and big profits to everyone.